Cloud Assessment

Typically done at the beginning of any journey to Azure this automated assessment will check the suitability for Azure whilst right-sizing based on actual consumption. It will also highlight the most economical approach to help back up the business case for the move to Azure.

Azure Foundation

A comprehensive set of security, governance and cost management solutions for Azure. This offering is under pinned by the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure. These solutions ensure that when you migrate workloads to Azure that they will be appropriately secured, have robust governance and will be cost optimised.

Azure Datapath

A service to help accelerate and expedite your migration to Azure. A challenge for many organisations on their cloud journey is how to efficiently migrate large amounts of data to Azure, and how to complete these activities in a secure and streamlined manner. Azure Datapath was born because of our transformation experiences with our customers. Time and time again we consistently see that data migration to Azure is a challenging task for many organisations.

Azure Pathway

We understand the complexity of cloud migration. With Azure Pathway we lessen your migration pain points as well as being able to help you realise the benefits of moving to the cloud. Azure Pathway is a framework for migration to Azure. With Azure Pathway we accelerate your Azure migration with step-by-step guidance and technical resources that are customised for your workloads. We use a selection of tools and solutions to help meet your specific needs, regardless of where you are in your cloud migration journey.

App Modernisation

Looking at your existing application estate and helps build the correct strategy whilst modernising the applications by re-platforming or re-factoring. We also analyse your code to identify opportunity to improve this to get all the benefits of the Azure platform.

Azure DevOps

Covering the integration and use of Azure Boards, Repos, Pipelines, Artifacts and Test Plans, into your organisations existing and evolving DevOps practices and workflows. Providing end-to-end solutions for both application and infrastructure lifecycle phases, and leveraging best practices and methodologies.

SAP On Azure

Our framework to help you migrate SAP to Azure. With this offering we simplify the deployment and migration process and enable your journey to use SAP on Azure in a certified, secure, automated manner.

Oracle On Azure

We can help you expand your cloud capabilities and build on existing Oracle & Microsoft technology investments all whilst lowering the cost of your IT Infrastructure. We’ll help you choose the correct cloud capability without compromising on performance, scalability or reliability for even the most complex Oracle workloads.

Citrix On Azure

We will help you cut through complexity and help you choose the correct Cloud VDI solution to enable you to increase speed of delivery but also reduce overall costs. All of this whilst delivering an optimized productivity experience to your users.